Throughout its various incarnations—and across a myriad of locations—Eyelevel (née Gallery) has been a fixture in Halifax's scrappy contemporary art scene since its founding in 1974. Its latest evolution is as a 'spaceless' gallery, presenting art exhibitions and events in diverse locations and contexts.

Working with Eyelevel director Katie Belcher, Co. & Co. developed a new visual identity that drops 'Gallery' from the name and eschews the trappings of a traditional art gallery aesthetic. Pristine white walls are traded for intense expanses of pure colour. Fonts are bold and undelicate. It's a real wild rumpus.

Eyelevel website homepage Eyelevel website homepage

The website puts the 'spaceless' aspect of the gallery front-and-centre, with a customized map plotting Eyelevel's activities around the city. The gallery's entire 40+ year archive is available online and searchable, with photos, programs, and newspaper clippings available for many of the entries.

Examples of mobile and interior pages Examples of mobile and interior pages

The site was designed and developed by Co. & Co. in Drupal 7 with a fully custom responsive theme.