OERA is an independent, not-for-profit organization that facilitates and funds cooperation between industry and research groups in energy exploration and development. They came to us with three separate websites — a primary business site and two research portals. Their goal was to merge these into a single site, making it easier for their audience of researchers and industry members to find the data and information they were after.

OERA homepage OERA homepage

We migrated hundreds of research items from their disparate locations into a central hub on the new site, using a custom Amazon S3 integration to manage the larger files which can be several GB in size. A robust system of keyword searching and tagging makes it much easier to find specific research papers and topics.

OERA internal page and mobile example OERA internal page and mobile example

The site features a fully responsive custom theme with a clean, modern design. The site was designed and developed by Co. & Co. in Drupal 8.